Journey in D Minor

Flood Control

The creek behind my house floods every time it rains. The city finally decided to fix it when a dozen houses had their first floors flood last year after a 3 inch rain. Today, they’re out there with bulldozers and chainsaws. It’s so loud! I’m glad they’re fixing it, but wow. I need to do laundry to drown out the noise.

Playing with the crinkly ball instead of napping. 4 1/2 months.

Playing with the crinkly ball instead of napping. 4 1/2 months.

First Time Away

We left William with my dad while we went to a soccer game last night. At first, I felt naked. Imagine the feeling that you left the stove on and multiply it by 10. Eventually, I tried to put it out of my mind and managed to have a good time. I’m glad we went. William was well-behaved while we were gone, which makes it easier. He loves his grandpa best other than us, and I guess everyone had a good time. Yay!

Someone slept from 7:00pm to 6:30am last night. Ahhhh that was nice.

And I think the milk protein sensitivity diagnosis is accurate. Similac Sensitive (ped recommended) and my milk, plus Benedryl for big flares have made a huge difference. It is early to say 100%, but I’m hopeful.

Epic staredown.

Epic staredown.

4 Month Appt

William is in the 97% for height and 50% for weight. Tall. So tall.

I have to go dairy-free to see what his skin does. I will keep the donor milk in the freezer for now.

Shots went better this time.

He has bloodwork on Thursday again. I hope it goes well.

I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t want a break from my kid. I don’t feel like I need much of a social life. I would rather just stay home and putter around. We are going out next Saturday without William for the first time. I would just as soon not go, but DH would be pissed if I cancelled. The only “help” I ever want is a few more hours of sleep. Maybe I just hate people.


Oki is just so awesome!!! I’m a huge fan of his videos, gifs, and pictures!

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Wilfred Brimley?

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Picture This

The baby cries at 4:15. You go into the kitchen to make a bottle. While it’s in the warmer, you stand groggy at the counter, waiting.


You try not to scream as it skitters away.

It stops in the middle of the floor, looking insolent. Meanwhile, your giant dogs are sitting at the edge of the kitchen, wagging their tails like, “Friend?”

What am I paying you for? Get the damn mouse!



Anyway, after feeding the baby and getting puked on like The Exorcist, I had a talk with the dogs about their responsibility. I don’t think it came across.


My milk donor is wonderful. She donates to three people at a time! We got along really well and had a fun visit. I can’t wait for the first bag to thaw!