Journey in D Minor


We transferred today. I got the call at 8:00 that the doctor wanted us to go today. The biologist said that we had two clear winners, and it was time to put them back. Apparently if you have fewer than 10 embryos, they always open up the Day 3 transfer as an option. And so it was with me.

Our report was still good. We had an 8-cell and a 6-cell (these we put back). We also had four 4-cells. We had two fragmented 6-cells as well, that we didn’t put back. We will freeze whatever makes it to blastocyst by this weekend. 

The experience of the transfer was just wonderful. Husband even got to suit up to be in the room with me. My doctor played soothing music from his iPod in a dock at the corner of the room. He explained every step of the process. I got a picture of my embies, and watched the screen where they froze it and pointed out where they went. It was a beautiful sight. Everyone was so kind and terrific to me. I was given good chances of success with my little embies, and I’m excited that my IVF process is finally finished. It’s out of everyone’s hands now. 

I’ll spend a weekend of bedrest (because I can, and because we’re getting an ice storm) before gently going back into the swing of things on Monday. Things are well.

  1. 1thisday1 said: Good luck!!! Many well wishes are being sent your way.
  2. saylittleandsayitwell said: sending you ALL the best wishes/vibes/sticky good thoughts i can conjure!! congrats on making it this far!!
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