Journey in D Minor

None Frozen.

I talked to the biologist today. While all our embryos/blasts are still dividing as of today, none of them meet the quality standards to freeze. We knew this coming in that it wouldn’t be likely, though we had held out some hope. The 4-cells would have had to divide extremely fast to make it to blast, and the other two were already fragmented. We are disappointed. 

There is a silver lining in all this that the doctor wanted to make sure was stressed to me. Every single embryo/blast was still dividing. Every one was still alive. Which means there is a good chance that the two we put inside me are also still alive and dividing. Today is 3dp3dt. Which means that they’re hatching from their shells and are beginning to implant. We know that these are good quality. They were dividing correctly, and weren’t fragmented. I’ve taken extremely good care of myself this entire cycle, but especially since the ET. So our reasons to hope might actually have gotten better. 

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