Journey in D Minor

The times, they are a’changin. (Poss TMI)

I just had that in my head and thought it was appropriate. They are, though. My mind is much eased over this past weekend. Things are… happening.

This is fair warning- if I know you IRL, and you won’t be able to look me in the eye after I talk about things like boobs, you might want to skip this post. Just move right along. If you can handle it (these things are really for posterity), then please continue.

My mind is eased mainly because of all the great changes I’ve had lately. I never went through this before I had my m/c, so I’m really feeling optimistic. 

1. Nausea. If I don’t eat every two hours, I get really queasy. I eat toast first thing in the morning every single morning. Then I have second breakfast. And Elevensies. Lunch, Snack, Dinner, etc etc etc. I’ve had this since about 4 weeks (I’m 6 today) but it’s gotten a lot stronger since about mid-last week. 

2. Eat all the things! That eating every two hours thing? Yeah, I’m ravenous if I don’t do that anyway. And I can put away a ridiculous amount of food- more even than Husband, who’s 6 inches taller and 50lb heavier. And I’m craving everything. Slight aversions to meat and plain milk, though. That’s a bummer.

3. Bloating. I’m going to have to find some new pants. I’m one belt loop looser than two weeks ago. I’m only up 2lb, though, which is respectable considering I’m constantly shoveling something in my mouth.

4. So many bathroom breaks. I’m really thirsty now, and that’s probably part of it, but I’m in the bathroom every hour and a half or so. And it’s not my imagination that my bladder is smushed. I have to lean over to make sure I’m going all the way. 

5. The best part! Boobs! They’re gigantic. I’m up at least half a cup size. I bought a bra that’s up a full cup for when I get to that point, then will probably switch to pregnancy or nursing bras after. I was not small-chested to begin with! And I’m constantly flashing headlights. I’ve never been so nipply in my life. It’s sort of embarrassing. I’m pretty sure the areolas are bigger, as well. 

6. The oddity- a skin tag. I’ve seen that symptom in my books, and have always been confused to what exactly it is. I found one in my right armpit today. It’s weird. Small and harmless, but weird. 

So that’s that. My list of symptoms that make me feel better about everything. Two more days!

  1. saylittleandsayitwell said: Ha! If I’m lucky enough to get gigantic boobs during pregnancy I’m totally going in for boudior pics!!
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